How to protect your bike bag against theft?

You have chosen the bike for your daily commute, shopping and commuting. The bag is the very useful luggage to carry your business belongings, shopping and what can be useful in a fast daily life. Problem, how to avoid having your saddlebags stolen as soon as you stop?

Equip yourself with a lock for a bicycle bag

A simple anti-theft device protects your bag itself, not necessarily its contents. Concretely, it will always be there when you return, whether it is full or empty. A simple small U lock allows you to attach it to your luggage rack and thus avoid snatching theft.

A spiral padlock can also do the trick, but a simple clamp will have no difficulty cutting it.

Install a bag lock cable

Some manufacturers offer more integrated, lighter solutions to offer protection against bag theft: a cable to be integrated into the attachment of the bag, to avoid theft by opportunity.

We remain on a light protection (literally and figuratively) but more practical than an additional padlock . Indeed, this cable system saves you from having an extra set of keys or an extra code to remember.

The best universal lock for bag: HipLok Z

Z Lok is a hardened and reusable steel clamp clamp. Lightweight (20 grams) and pleasant to use thanks to its nylon coating, this lock will preserve the paint of your bike.

It offers protection and very practical for quick stops in everyday life: your luggage will be secured during a visit, a stop at the bakery or a race of a few minutes.

Hiplok Z: a collar to protect your bike bag against theft

Its use is multiple and it is very easily transported everywhere with you. The HipLock can be attached to the frame or luggage rack. It also helps secure a saddle or your helmet.

Anti-theft cable for Ortlieb bag

The German brand has created a stainless steel anti-theft cable for the bags designed for the second-generation Quick Lock fastening systems, the QL 2 and QL2.1. It is fixed in the support rail, positioned on the back of the bag.

Anti-theft cable Ortlieb bag

Compatible models are:

  • Back Roller
  • Back-Roller Pro
  • Bike-Packer
  • Office-bag
  • Downtown Two
  • Bike Shopper
  • Velo Shopper
  • Recumbent Bag
  • Sport Packer
  • Sport Roller
  • Vario Ps
  • E-mate
  • Gravel Pack
Detail anti-theft cable for ortlieb bag
Details of the solution proposed by Ortlieb

This cable also allow you to make some purchases during a trip oriented Bikepacking / cycling, given the reduced weight and the absence of key (so no risk of loss). A little extra for your safety but that does not solve the problem of the equipment that are inside.

Vaude padlock: the bad surprise

We find on the Internet a reference of padlocks in relation to the Vaude brand: the padlock "TSA combination Lock".

Padlock bag vaude

Given customer reviews, this product is absolutely not suitable:

  • Handle too small that prevents closure
  • Not compatible with Vaude saddlebags

Choosing a secure bag

Why not integrate this issue when selecting your bike luggage? Overade has created a secure bike bag, the Loxi, specially designed with this in mind:

  • Built-in 12 mm code lock, for a total cable length of 53 cm
  • Level 5 cut-resistant fabric (maximum score against the risk of cuts)
  • A second layer of PVC fabric to make it waterproof

Its volume is 15 liters, a good capacity for the velotaf: it can play a real role of anti-theft and bag.

I still advise you to invest in a padlock or an additional lock if your bike remains parked more than 15 minutes in the same place.

Secure bike bag with integrated lock

A parade against bag theft: take it with you with you with a backpack bag

Last solution, provide a bag that turns in a few moments into a backpack. The shoulder straps allow you to take your belongings to go to your appointment. We get around the problem of theft. This 2-in-1 bag offers an interesting compromise: ease of carrying while avoiding leaving your belongings on the street. The transition from cyclist mode to pedestrian mode is done in a few moments. Discover our article on these hydride models.

Bike bag backpack vaude 2

If you have two saddlebags, leave the worthless items in the normal and position the more expensive ones in the hybrid bag. Thus, you always take with you your phone, your computer and anything that can attract covetousness.

Some tips to limit the risk of bag theft

  • Park the bike in a place with passage
  • Ask someone nearby to keep an eye on your saddlebags
  • Store what's most expensive in a pouch
  • Choose a bag model with an easy-to-remove hook system
  • With a double bag, we advise to attach it securely. Ditto for a basket or handlebar bag (a rizlan is sometimes enough to demotivate the theft of opportunities)

The word of the end

The solutions presented remain supplementary solutions, intended for deterrence. Common sense remains to keep with you your personal belongings that have value, especially thanks to a bag convertible into a backpack. This is a good solution in the city, to reduce the risk of theft by removing the battery for e-bike owners.

Last advice, if your luggage is empty, remember to open the bags wide to provoke the greatest disinterest of dishonest people …

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