Abus Urban-I 3.0 Signal headphone review

Appeared in 2020 within the range for urban cyclists of the manufacturer ABUS, this model is a bestseller of the brand. Construction, weight, safety, discover the strengths as well as the annoying little details of this 3rd generation.


Available in 12 colours, the Signal version of the Urban-I is now being tested in a yellow colour that does not go unnoticed. To improve visibility on your two-wheeler, the Signal version adds reflective strips on a well-known helmet, the Urban-I 3.0.

Front part of the helmet abuse urban-I 3.0 signal

It also keeps the red LED light at the rear to be better seen by other road users.

Rear part of the helmet abuse urban-I 3.0 signal

This urban bike helmet is available in 4 sizes:

  • S: head circumference from 51 to 55 cm
  • M: head circumference from 52 to 58 cm
  • L: head circumference from 56 to 61 cm
  • XL: head circumference from 61 to 65 cm

Regarding the colors, this helmet is distributed in Yellow, Red and Gray/Silver. I tested it in yellow.

Urban-i 3.0 Signal Abuse Helmet: Safety First

LED light on the back, many reflective strips on the side and top, MIPS option, this headset offers a high level of safety.

detail on the LED light of the urban-I 3.0 abuse helmet

For a cyclist in an urban environment, this design is a real plus to ensure excellent visibility and protect well in case of a fall.

The rear LED light offers two modes of use: continuous light or flash mode. Unlike some LED headlights that can be found, this light does not change the color: we stay on red, but this is not abnormal for a rear part of a helmet.

The big black spot of this light remains its power supply which is provided by a button battery (CR2032). Not very ecological, not very economical, Abus does not announce any figures on the expected autonomy with a new battery. I would have preferred USB charging, much more convenient when you arrive at the office. As a result, I preserve the use of the battery: when I am with my electric bike, I ensure my visibility directly with the headlights of the e-bike. On the other hand, with an urban bike or a racing bike, I turn on the LED light to be better seen.

Urban-i 3.0 Signal abuse helmet: What sensations in everyday life?

A helmet that knows how to be forgotten

Accustomed to a helmet weighing more than 400 g, the first sensation when putting on the Urban I is lightness. For bicycle use, with a bike that weighs more than 20 kg, weight search is not the priority. Nevertheless, I admit that it is very nice to have a helmet that disappears when you wear it.

A helmet that ventilates well

With these 12 air intakes, the top of the head is well ventilated. This makes it possible to arrive at work with a head that remains relatively fresh, without looking like a very red tomato before attacking the meeting with the big boss of the box. And to expel moist air, there are 5 outlets on the back part.

A good level of comfort

The settings are easy: the wheel behind the helmet is very simple while remaining effective. It just took me a little while to adjust the straps, probably a matter of habit. I liked the magnetic closure system, easy to use with one hand.

Technical specifications of the Urban I 3.0

The construction and data are the same as the classic Urban I 3.0. Only aesthetics reinforce the reflective strips.

  • Weight: 280 grams in size M
  • Use: urban environment and cycle tourism. But nothing prevents you from using it for a mountain bike outing
  • Ventilation: 12 air inlets and 5 outlets to keep your head cool
  • In-mold: lightweight and strong helmet thanks to the durable combination of eps with a polycarbonate shell
  • High visibility thanks to its reflectors
  • Mosquito net: complete protection against insects
  • Compatible with ponytail: helmet that is perfect for people with long hair
  • Complete ring: adjustable ring surrounding the entire head, connected to the clamping system
  • Zoom ace urban: finely adjustable adjustment system with handy wheel for personalized seating
  • Big red LED light on the back, integrated for 180° visibility. Can be used continuously or in flash mode
  • Magnetic strap buckle

Some examples of owner reviews

They come from a famous marketplace that tends to forget to pay these taxes in France:

customer reviews of the urban-I signal

Price of the Urban-I Signal 3.0

It is part of the mid-range helmets, with prices offered around 69 €, for a recommended price of 89 €.


  • Lightness: its weight allows you to quickly forget it when you wear it
  • Available in 4 sizes and 3 colors
  • Secure thanks to its LED light on the back


  • LED light powered by CR2032 button cell battery (we would have preferred a USB rechargeable system)
  • Visor a little short that does not protect enough from the sun (I am used to a helmet with a visor located just above the eyes): I often try to lower the helmet so as not to be dazzled. It's useless, but it's the reflex we would all have with a cap
  • Unknown battery life (how many hours of use with a new battery?) : some users advertise about 10 hours per battery, not very ecological or economical


After several weeks of using this Abus Urban-I 3.0 Signal headset, my opinion is very positive. Compared to the urban bike helmet I use (a b-twin that weighs 400 g), the German helmet is completely forgotten thanks to its weight. In addition, its good level of ventilation allows you to go to work by bike without arriving with your forehead covered in sweat.

Regarding the lighting, I didn't need to activate it yet. Having headlights on my electric bike, I will use this extra light only in case of very poor visibility. Driving about 6 hours a week for my home-to-work bike trips, I'm afraid the battery won't last more than a big week… This is the only annoying detail for this bike accessory .

Last point, for those who are looking for the top for your safety, there is a MIPS version of this headset.

To help you choose your urban bike helmet, I invite you to dive into our guide.

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