Choosing your bike helmet with visor

Increasingly common on roads and in cities, the helmet with visor offers many advantages for cyclists, especially when using cycling.

Use with prescription glasses, protection against the sun, rain, projections, the visor plays an important role for your comfort. Ideal to go to work by bike without needing three pairs of glasses and see your makeup disappear after a downpour.

Bicycle helmet with visor: definition

According to the Larousse, a visor is an "accessory that, fixed around the head, protects the eyes from light". For the bike version, it is therefore a helmet with additional protection for your eyes. For mountain bikers, a visor will help them avoid tree branches and take sharp turns. As for ordinary cyclists, it keeps rain and debris away from the face.

These models of helmets have developed strongly for urban cycling, even if we are also starting to cross paths with sports cyclists.

Choose your type of visor

There are two types of visors for bicycle helmets. Do not hesitate to rediscover our guide to choosing an urban bike helmet to learn more.

Helmet with integrated visor

In the first case, it is a simple advance in the eyes. This is because we regularly cross by city bike or mountain bike. The visor is sometimes removable to adapt to your uses: it is put on during an outing in the paths to protect from the branches, while its presence is less important for a road outing.

bicycle helmet with fixed visor

Bicycle helmet with retractable visor

If you ride in the city, your requirements are different from the weekend cyclist. This type of helmet is strongly linked to the development of sales of electric bikes. The retractable visor is an accessory that combines safety, comfort and aesthetics to remain elegant to go to work in any situation.

bicycle helmet with retractable visor

Depending on the technicality of the model, the visor is removable to allow:

  • Change of hue according to climatic conditions and season (dark shade in summer, light in winter)
  • Replacement in case of breakage or scratch

This is basically the same use as for a ski mask.

7 reasons to choose a helmet with a retractable visor

  • Ease of use: can be wound up with a simple upward movement
  • Ideal for riding in rain and fog
  • Limits glare (smoked visor)
  • Use with prescription glasses: most models allow you to use your corrective glasses under the visor (so-called "Over the Glasses" or OTG system)
  • High-speed comfort: If during the descents, especially in winter, you happen to cry a little, the visor is an ally to avoid this discomfort.
  • Protection against insects and mosquitoes: no need to make big gestures that are dangerous when pedaling and limit the risk of bites. And it never seems very pleasant to hit a wasp in the forehead at 25 km/h! I usually ride regularly along the Rhône, at certain times of the year, it's nice to have a visor when you come across a cloud of insects.
  • A bulwark against UV: the most high-end visors provide UV filtration.
  • Enhanced safety in the event of a fall

What are the points to check to buy your bike helmet?

  • Weight: lightness brings more comfort and makes the neck work less. Do not exceed 400 to 500g.
  • Ventilation: How much ventilation is there to stay fresh to go to work by bike?
  • Light: ideally LED, they are a real plus for your safety
  • Type of fastener: magnetic or clip
  • European certification (CE) or EN
  • MIPS Technology
  • Possibility to change the screen/visor and availability of these spare parts
  • Cleaning to clean the inner foams of the helmet to the machine

What are the main brands of bicycle helmets with retractable visor?

We will find the usual manufacturers as well as new brands that have become visible with the rise of this type of helmet. So far, Decathlon does not offer a model within these brands (Btwin, Van Rysel).


The German brand specializes in security in the broadest sense: people and buildings, whether for personal or professional use. Founded in 1924, the company brings "innovative security technologies to the service of people".

a cyclist in town with an Abus visor helmet

In the world of two-wheelers, the brand is known for these quality locks: U's, locks, chains, foldable locks. It also produces several ranges of helmets dedicated to cycling. Regarding the urban bike helmet, she has created a "Urban" product line specially adapted to people who travel by bike in the city.


Much more recent, this brand has existed since 2004. Contrary to what one might think with its name, the company is based in Italy. It produces two main ranges of head protection : on the one hand for sports activities (skiing, snowboarding, cycling, horse riding) and on the other hand for professional activities (work on site, at height). The brand is distinguished by a sleek and neat design, very appreciated by urban cyclists.

Find our article to discover the range of KASK urban bike helmets.


This brand presents itself as the specialist in outdoor sports. It actually produces bicycle helmets, ski helmets as well as sunglasses, gloves, hats and protections for these activities (back or wrist protector for example).

bicycle helmet with retractable visor of the brand CAIRN
Quartz visor led usb from CAIRN

The brand was created in 1938 in Lyon, where the founder manufactured gloves as well as warm and protective clothing. It evolved in the 1990s and 2010 towards helmets and ski masks. It is this know-how in protective equipment that today makes it possible to offer variants adapted to cycling. Note that it now belongs to the 2Ride group, specialist in motorcycle protection, with brands of helmets and accessories known among motorized two-wheelers: Shark, Nolan, Bering, Segura.

Find all the essential accessories for the velotaf, even if it is not mandatory, the helmet is highly recommended!

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