Kask bicycle helmets

If you're cycling in the city, you're probably coming across many cyclists with these very stylish helmets. Discover the universe of this recent brand that has brought freshness in different areas.

Kask, an Italian brand

Founded in 2004, the company is based in Italy. Its know-how is recognized in terms of design, technology and safety. It now produces helmets for the world of two-wheelers, but also for skiing, horse riding and the entire professional world (head protection, hearing protection, visors). Kask is also present in the building industry, landscapers, work at height, etc. It wants to "develop helmets that go beyond the demands of the highest global safety protection standards."

For the leisure part, it began distributing its first bicycle helmets in 2006, then completed with skiing in 2009, equestrian sports in 2015. It is now synonymous with elegant and luxurious helmets.

It equips multiple professional cycling teams such as Ineos. Competition is an integral part of the brand's DNA, with many champions training daily with these products. Currently, 100% of helmets are designed and manufactured in Italy. They have a 2-year warranty.

Kask bike helmet ranges

Personally, I meet daily senior executives on their electric bikes with a nice visor helmet. Nevertheless, this is far from being the complete panorama of cyclists who use this brand.

It produces helmets for:

  • Pure performance with the Aero range: addicted to the chrono, it's for you. Little chance to come across them on a daily basis on your home-to-work journey, these helmets are intended for lovers of time trials, triathlons and tracks.
  • Road cycling with the Road range: you might as well keep it simple for the name, at least it speaks for itself. For all amateurs and sportsmen, Kask has developed lightweight covers, optimizing performance and weight and comfort.
  • Mountain biking, DH, cross-country with the Off-Road range: we always find the specific design and quality of finish of KASK, combined with the search for the lowest possible weight.

Which Kask model for urban cycling?

For the velotaf, Kask offers 4 types of helmets, divided equally between the versions with retractable visors and fixed visors. These accessories are very popular with women because of their neat aesthetics and a high level of protection. Sorry for readers looking for models for the road, I will focus on a use of the bike in the city, with a more utilitarian vocation.

I will leave it to the specialists to present you the protone model or the mojito that make the reputation of the brand on the departmental roads.

Urban Kask range

Kask Lifestyle

Easily identifiable with these three large vents on the upper part, this helmet combines elegance and style, with a premium level of finish: leather chinstraps, slightly tinted retractable screen. It will delight demanding urban cyclists.

Kask Urban Lifestyle White

Available in 11 colours, it weighs 390 g and comes in two sizes (M and L). It is now the best seller of the Italian manufacturer. Its high level of ventilation as well as its complete eye protection, ideal for glasses wearers, make the difference for the most demanding cyclists.

In 2021, Kask launched three new urban headsets: Urban R, Moebius and Moebius Elite. All three have been designed to meet the needs of urban cyclists, whether they commute daily or those who ride intermittently, with an emphasis on urban-inspired aesthetics with a touch of Italian style.

Kask Moebius

From the outset, it is clear that Kask designed the Moebius as much for a fashion item as for a safety accessory. The style is very specific for an urban helmet, with little venting and lots of opaque surfaces, using sculpted contours to create a fluid appearance. In many ways, it is gorgeous, even though it belongs to a sometimes original helmet design category.

Kask Moebius
The Moebius is available in two colors: Black or White.

For a "simple" helmet on paper, we would have liked a slightly lower weight (410g).

Kask Moebius Elite

More complete than its brother the "simple" Moebius, it is distinguished by different finishes:

  • Merino wool inner lining
  • Leather visor and chinstrap (synthetic)

The appearance is the same, it features elegant lines and a compact shell. But the level of comfort goes to a higher level: the interior is softer and also much more efficient to evacuate perspiration when it is hot.

Kask Moebius Elite
The difference is subtle between the two versions of the helmet (imitation leather chinstrap)

A helmet designed for the urban jungle must be equipped to cope with the dangers of such an environment. The Kask Moebius Elite has successfully passed the European test standard WG11, which determines how well a helmet protects the human head from rotational forces.

For added security, there's a simple reflective strip on the back and an easily detachable visor (three plastic pop rivets) to protect your eyes from the glare of the low sun or unnecessary headlights of traffic.

Kask Urban R

Appearing a few years after the Lifestyle, the Urban R is distinguished by its wider upper vents, which allow you to control the air flow according to your needs. The visor is retractable and has an interchangeable screen according to the seasons and your desires.

It benefits from the latest technological developments:

  • Ergo Fit setting
  • visor with UV400 protection

It weighs 410 g and the brand offers it in three sizes ("S-M", "M-L" and "L-XL"). Regarding the colors, it is available in 9 colors to brighten your days.

Where to find Kask products

They are available of course at all good bike dealers, but also from serious online sales sites like Alltricks.

The price of the KASK models presented above is in the high range, but this is due to the attention to detail, the quality of the construction and the solidity of these products: you will be ready to face the city! Keep an eye out for online promos to sweeten your purchase.

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